shoot #1

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

it's cold and grey outside and it's almost pitch black so I looked through my photo gallery and found some images from a shoot with Aina back in May. not only did this girl get me through english lit that year (although I've abandoned her now) she also has one of the craziest creative minds which are shown through her blog, videos and art a-level work as well. also, she's a pretty big advocate for racial, gender and animal equality...what's not to love? please support her by subscribing and reading her posts- we need more female, Asian representatives in the artistic world and Aina is definitely a worthwhile one!

can we ignore how ghastly pale I look...almost a sallow hue. this is what the British climate does to you...

hoped you liked the photos. make sure you look at Aina's stuff, I'm being serious. please do.